Student Orientation Assignment Video

After I’ve been accepted as a college student, I had to do some assignments given by my seniors, one of them was making a video. I and the other new-innocent-college-students have to make a group for the assignments given. For the video, we could freely choosing the theme, title, story, and the whole video itself.

My group consisted of 5 people, including me. The other members are: Kabul, Sheila, Okky, and Fenty. I acquainted my group members separately, Kabul was my table mate at tenth grade of high school, so I fairly knew him, he is majoring country administration. Sheila was also my friend at high school, fortunately, we were in the same class at middle school, so we didn’t have to introduce each other, also, she is a medical student. Fenty was SMAN 8 Tangerang high school student, Sheila invited her to our group by mentioning her on twitter. Fenty is majoring biology. Okky’s high school is SMAN 7 Tangerang, I invited Okky by mentioned him on twitter too, he is majoring ship engineering.

So, on the first day of our meeting, we decided to meet up at Summarecon Mall Serpong, now it becomes one of biggest shopping center in Tangerang. We preferred that place because it’s near from our houses. I came there first (which is considered my one of the fastest attempts to-not-late in life), Fenty came second, I easily recognized her although it was our first encounter, then, Sheila, Kabul, and Okky consecutively came.

At first, we had some conversations about ourselves, like talking about high school, home address, hobbies, etc. After some fun chatting, Fenty and Sheila were doing other assignment we have to do, making an essay. While they both working on the essay, I, Kabul and Okky were discussing the theme of the video, we had some interesting ideas. I hadan idea to make an inspiring or motivating videos, maybe it was similar to “Mario Teguh’s Golden Ways” show, but eventually, we dumped this concept because there wasn’t any person in our group suitable to motivate people like Mario Teguh. Okky had an idea to make a short drama or some soap opera, this idea was somehow cool, but we saved it for the last resort. Kabul’s idea was to make a video about Indonesia’s popular food in Tangerang, Laksa. Finally, because it sounded promising, we chose Kabul’s idea.

Kabul told us he knew Laksa Store near SMPN 4 Tangerang. After Kabul told us the Restaurant’s location. I found out that this Laksa Restaurant was somehow popular (You can google it with the keyword “Kawasan Kuliner Laksa Tangerang”, the place’s pictures will show up). Some internet websites even said that the Laksa sold there are delicious, in addition, the place have various types of Laksa.

Then, several days after the essay and the other assignments have finished, we went to that Laksa Restaurant. I thought that I came there first, but Sheila was there without me noticing, so we waited for the others and after all group members came, we started the video taking.

The video taking was a lot of fun. At first, we were confused about which seller could be the informant of our video, but then, we randomly chose the person which is in the video below this post, because he asked us first (among the other sellers) to buy his Laksa, but now I have forgotten his name -__-.

Taken-before-everyone-went-home photo:

I miss my old hair, now my hair is a mess

And, this is our video:

Lastly, we want give our thanks to Azizi Rahadianto for helping us editing this video, and to Rian Fitriansyah for helping me correcting the grammars 😀

Have a nice day, If you have a time and hungry, please come to Kawasan Kuliner Laksa Tangerang!


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