8 Norms of Net Generation

Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott was my favorite book in 2016. It is the sequel of the highly-successful Growing Up Digital. It also selected as 2008 best business book of the year by The Economist.

Grown Up Digital mainly discussed about the internet generation (net generation, net gener, millennial, generation Y) and what treatment that can be effective to them (us). What makes this book special than other books which discussing about generation theory: Grown Up Digital is inspired by a $4 million private research study–which is seriously researched and crafted by Don Tapscott himself and his team N-Genera. The net generation phenomenon have altered how many things worked in this world, in a really diverse topics from parenting to political campaign.

Net generation have 8 norms which differentiate themselves from other generations: the baby boomers and the generation X. The 8 norms are:

  1. Freedom – They want freedom in everything they do, from freedom of choice to freedom of expression
  2. Customization – They love to customize, personalize
  3. Scrutinizers – They are the new scrutinizers.
  4. Integrity – They look for corporate integrity and openness when deciding what to buy and where to work.
  5. Entertainment – The Net Gen wants entertainment and play in their work, education, and social life.
  6. Collaboration – They are the collaboration and relationship generation.
  7. Speed – The Net Gen has a need for speed – and not just in video games.
  8. Innovation – They are the innovators.

I will complete the details of the norms later.


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