Entrepreneurship and Scaling Up Using Digital Technology

Recently, I attended Mohamed Geraldez’s seminar themed Entrepreneurship and Scaling Up Using Digital Technology in Code Margonda, Depok. I was very inspired since the material is very good, also there are only (to my knowledge) a few Muslims in US which are doing startup (and can be successful) like Mr. Geraldez. Also, the way he presented was fascinating, as if Nouman Ali Khan giving his counsel with a startup-themed flavor. It is really a good opportunity for me.

Mr. Geraldez’s presentation

3 Must-have Characters for Entrepreneurs

There are at least 3 must-have characters for people in startup industry:

  1. Personality
    Become a lifelong learner will help you facing the problems ahead. Having growth mindset and grit is a must to increase the chance in ensuring your startup. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a good reference.
  2. Passion
    If you are working on startup, what you’re doing have to be your biggest passion. If it is not, then it will not work since you will doing it half-heartedly, and not have much time to focus. Your product must be a something that you love, empowering and enabling you to stand up boldly for the product you strive.
  3. Perseverance
    We have to prepare emotionally, mentally, even spiritually; certainly we will face plentiful hardships on our way. Success is about timing and preparedness.

Optimizing Traction Channel

Mr. Geraldez gave some way to example optimizing existing channels to scaling up your startup. Channels like websites, online communication platforms, blogs, social medias, etc. This section is discussed comprehensively in the book Traction by Gabriel Weinberg, the book is really good!

Product vs Traction

It depends on your startup. Gabriel Weinberg, also on his book Traction proposed entrepreneurs should spend 50% of their time on product development and 50% on marketing. Only a few neat (and clean) products gave their less effort in marketing and got successful.

After awkwardly asking to take a photo together with @riza.herzego


Ahay 3.jpg
A mother of 3 asking some questions about startup industry, cool!


Ahay 2.jpg
My very first experience asking a question in english in front of people, asking about Learn Quran app

In addition, Mr. Geraldez is a knowledgeable and humble person. He is very amazing. I’m really looking forward to have a discussion with him and hear his thoughts (mainly about Learn Quran app :D).

All courtesy photos are from Code Margonda’s Facebook account.


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