Lessons from Steve Jobs #1: Stanford Commencement Address Speech

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Yesterday is Steve Jobs’ birthday. Lately, I begin to find more about Steve Jobs. I’ve streamed all of his speeches on YouTube, read his biography, watched semi-documentary films about him named Pirates of the Silicon Valley and Steve Jobs. For you who do not know yet, Steve Jobs is the founder and was the CEO of Apple (and Pixar). I believe most of influential people in the world live their life differently, and Steve Jobs is one of its greatest example.

In 2005, 12th of June, about 6 years before his death, he gave a speech in Stanford Commencement Address. I was inspired by this speech. Very much.

There are three key points that I’ve learned from this speech:

  1. Connecting the dots with looking backwards – Steve Jobs once dropped out from college. But now he realized that decision is one of the greatest decisions he ever made in his life. You can not connecting the dots with looking forward, you can only connect the dots with looking backwards (oh, I love this quotes very much). That every moments in your life will give you some meaning in the future. You have to trust that the dots is somehow connected with your future. Believing that will give you confidence to follow your heart.
  2. Keep looking, and don’t settle – Steve Jobs was a founder and CEO of Apple, but once, he was fired from his company he struggled on. But in fact because of that, he freed himself into a beginner again. He realized it was one of the most creative moments in his life: he started new companies named Pixar (yes, that Toy Story!) and NeXT (which built Apple’s core technologies at that time). Later, Apple bought NeXT, and he came back as the CEO of Apple again. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick, do not lose faith. You have to got to find what you love.
  3. Live like you’ll die tomorrow – Death will leaving only what is truly important. Remembering the death is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to loseYou are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart. This is somehow unique. Every morning, Steve Jobs looked in the mirror and asked himself the question about what if he died tomorrow. No one wants to die, it is life’s change agent!

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.


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